Wild Crypto is Changing the Game!

The Wild Crypto platform will allow its users an international Lottery & eGaming platform, taking advantage of blockchain technology. Our goal is to create a platform that is 100% honest, publishing the results to the blockchain. We plan on turning the Lotto & eGaming industry on its head.

Wild Crypto produced 100 million tokens in total. These tokens will be exchanged on our platform at a rate of 100:1 but were offered at 2200:1 during the Token Sale launch, giving Token Sale participants a massive bonus for playing games on the platform. Once the platform has been successfully launched we plan to begin introducing newly designed slot, casino & lotto based games.

Participate in the extraordinary growth potential of the Online Lottery & eGaming industry. Register today to keep up with our progress.

Platform & Games

Wild Crypto is Ahead of the Game

Wild Crypto is not only Changing the Game, we are ahead of the Game. Our platform is 90% complete and will be ready to launch in January 2018. We are creating a gaming experience that is 100% honest, publishing the results to the blockchain. We plan on turning the Lotto & eGaming industry on its head.

Play it yourself

Wild Crypto has chosen its eGaming partners very carefully. If the games aren’t exciting you won’t come back to play, our games are going to be Wild!

We are partnering with Twelve40 a white label eGaming provider to help us produce some the worlds most exciting and fun instant games, and will be exclusive to the Wild Crypto platform.

Twelve40’s Lotto & eGaming technology is currently powering platforms for Countries, States and private operators globally.  They also run their own lottery platform which serves as a test bed for innovation Islands Lotto.

The WILD Token

Wild Crypto has a creating an Ethereum ERC20 Token for exclusive use on our platform. The Wild Crypto Tokens will exchange at a fixed rate of 100:1 (100 Wild token to 1 Ether). After purchasing the WILD Tokens, players will be able to take part in a global lottery and lotto based games at unprecedented odds. A total of 100,000,000 WILD Tokens have been produced, Approximately 34% of which were sold during the Token Sale.

What’s the Vision?

GAMES of chance are risky, but as a source of revenue they are a safe bet. The size of the lottery and associated games market is $280 billion and only a small proportion of this, approximately 4% is on the internet, according to the World Lottery Association. We believe the entire industry is set for disruption.

The global model is dominated by protective governmental regimes who deliver a ring fenced mediocre product which offer extremely poor odds to players in a traditionally boring manner. The average player age is 40+, with younger players being totally ignored. These younger players want games that are exciting and fun, they also want to know that the games they are playing aren’t rigged.

Wild Crypto plans on changing all this, by creating a platform for the crypto generation, a platform that is 100% honest, publishing all the lotto results to the blockchain. Allowing anyone to review these results right on the Ethereum network.

What’s the Timeline?

What started as an idea… with your help will become a reality. We plan on going live in just a few months! January 2018.


See the Vision

Research the Market


Vision Cast

Build the Team

Refine Company Business Model

Start Initial Platform Marketing

Prepare for Token Sale Launch


Launch WILD Token

Build & Deploy Token Sale Smart Contract

Secure Token Acceptance on a liquid & respected Exchange

Launch WILD Token Sale


Finalise Company Structure

Launch Eco-Mining Bonus Fund for Early Token Sale Participants

Start Building the Code merging Blockchain with existing eGaming Platform, making it WILD!


Release a Fully Operational Gaming Platform

Incentivise User Driven Participation

Expand Global Marketing

Q2 & Beyond

Continue to Refine Platform, bringing New & Exciting Games to the Market

Integrate AI & VR Technogies

Get Really, Really WILD!

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